Tiger Balm: Some of the Unknown Uses

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Tiger Balm is a gift from heaven for most people because of the many benefits we can get from it.

In Thailand, the Tiger Balm is primarily used as an analgesic or painkiller to get immediate remedy or comfort when it is needed. It was uniquely formulated using various herbs as ingredients, which makes it very safe. Its healing and soothing properties are also proven for common body pains most people suffer from on a regular basis.

Indeed, with the care and comfort it brings, Tiger Balm has been a trusted brand around the globe for many years now. But aside from being a painkiller, this amazing product has other uses as well that many of us may not be aware of. These unfamiliar uses make Tiger Balm more impressive and appealing to most consumers.

Tiger Balm - Red Ointment - 19.4g - 1 Piece
Tiger Balm – Red Ointment – 19.4g – 1 Piece

Below are some of the unknown uses of this product.

  1. It can be used to remove stickers on a surface. It will make the process easier by applying the ointment on the affected area before attempting to remove the sticker.
  2. Not many people may be aware of this, but this product can also be used in removing stains especially the ones caused by inks.
  3. A Tiger Balm can also help in getting rid of chewing gum on your pants or any surface.
  4. This product can also help in keeping your house or room smelling fresh as it can be used as a deodorizer. Just leave it open in a room and its smell can help eliminate any foul odor in the area.
  5. It can also help if you need to remove paint on your skin, clothes, or any surface.
  6. Tiger Balm has soothing properties that are believed to also help clear a clogged nose. Its menthol content or smell will do the trick for sure.
  7. Like toothpastes, this ointment can also be used in providing temporary and immediate relief for mild burns due to its cooling properties.
  8. This product can also work as an insect repellent. Its distinct smell shoos away insects and prevents you from getting bitten. It can work either by applying the ointment on your skin or leaving it open in a room.
  9. Because of its smell, some people also use Tiger Balm as air freshener inside their shoe cabinets. Doing this can also help in removing any foul odor coming from their shoes.
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