9 Benefits of Thai Herbal Inhalers

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Herbal inhalers are very popular in Thailand because of the natural benefits or remedies they offer.

In Thai, they are called ya dom (ยาดม). These inhalers are made using several herbs that are produced and harvested locally. Because of the natural components, herbal inhalers are 100% safe and effective.

Normally, an inhaler is used to clear a clogged nose. That is the popular usage of this product in western countries. However, in Thailand, a herbal inhaler like Poy-Sian Mark II is not only used for nasal congestion, but to enjoy other health benefits as well. This makes a herbal inhaler very popular in Thailand. They are available in different brands, packages, and forms. Most Thai herbal inhalers are available in liquid form. Some of them contain several pieces of small dried herbs saturated in essential oils. They are then sold in regular bottles, roller bottles or jars depending on the preference of the consumer.

Most herbal inhalers are made of essential oils that are extracted from orange peel, camphor, menthol, bergamot, pepper, turmeric, eucalyptus, anise, turpentine, lemongrass, clove, wintergreen, and many others. Each herbal inhaler also comes in different scents depending on the type of essential oil that was used.

Peppermint Field - Thailand Nasal Inhaler and Oil
Peppermint Field – Thailand Nasal Inhaler and Oil

Below are some of the benefits of a herbal inhaler and why it is important to have one wherever you go.

  1. A herbal inhaler can also be used to get immediate relief from asthma and other health issues involving an individual’s respiratory system.
  2. An inhaler as the Peppermint Field can also be used to get comfort for someone who is prone to travel sickness.
  3. When inhaled, this product can help a person relax especially during stressful conditions. Its soothing properties can help unclog your airways and promote easier breathing.
  4. Some people also use a herbal inhaler to keep them awake as it is known to promote alertness when it is needed. It certainly can energize both your mind and body.
  5. It can also be applied on the side of your head to get immediate comfort for headache or minor cases of migraine.
  6. Herbal inhalers can also be used as temporary treatment for someone who is suffering from colds, nausea, dizziness, or motion sickness.
  7. In Thailand, inhalers are believed to also help in increasing blood circulation by soothing the nerves and reducing someone’s anxiety.
  8. It can also be used to temporarily fight fatigue or weakness.
  9. This product is also used by some people to treat insect bites.
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3 thoughts on “9 Benefits of Thai Herbal Inhalers

  1. Ferdous Mahmud

    Poy-Sian Mark ll, Date expired 29.12.19. Mfg Date: 29.12.17
    Can i use it now? I did not open it. Its new.

    1. Thai Inhaler

      If it’s still sealed it should be fine. Just do a little test first. 🙂


    Thank you. Are these pure essential oils or is there a percentage of carrier oil? what oils are used here? thanks.

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