5 Benefits of Balm for Various Body Pains

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In general, a balm or an ointment like the Tiger Balm – Red Ointment in Thailand has a formula that is recommended in giving immediate relief from body pain or muscle ache.

It is normally used a topical solution to provide comfort when a person is experiencing minor or severe conditions of headache, neck pain, arthritis, should pain, back pain, sprains, and pains or stiffness in other parts of the muscles or the body.

A balm has anti-inflammatory properties making it effective in alleviating body pains and other conditions mentioned above. Its soothing and cooling effect also helps in in getting some comfort from all types of muscle aches.


Camphor is usually one of the main ingredients of balm
Camphor is usually one of the main ingredients of balm

Below are some of the ways people in Thailand use balms when it comes to body pain.

  1. Neck pain – Stiff neck is a condition that causes pain around the neck area when a person tries to move his neck or head. This can give too much discomfort and limit someone from moving naturally. Applying Tiger Balm – Neck & Shoulder Rub around the neck area can help provide an immediate relief for this problem. The item has a soothing quality and provides an analgesic effect, thus giving comfort preventing the pain from getting worse.
  2. Back pain – The balm feature here is also good in alleviating the back pain a person may experience due to improper posture, prolonged sitting, and many others. The soothing quality of this balm decreases the pain and discomfort caused by the stiffness of the back muscles.
  3. Shoulder pain – Pain around the shoulder area can be caused by torn muscles or an injury around that area. Using the balm featured here provides both cooling and soothing effect that decreases the pain and soreness on the shoulder area. Using it is beneficial in getting an interim solution before seeking medical assistance as needed. This relief will allow a person to go back to his normal activities immediately.
  4. Muscle pain – Overtraining or overexertion can cause muscle pain. Since this balm has anti-inflammatory qualities, using it is an effective way to reduce or prevent the muscles from swelling more. It is also recommended to get some immediate relief and ease up the pain around the affected area. This allows an individual to go back to training or other activities within a short time.
  5. Sprains – This balm can also alleviate a pain caused by sprain, which can be caused by accidentally twisting a body part incorrectly, falling, etc. It can give temporary comfort and assist with an individual’s faster recovery.
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